Who are we?

We are one of the leading Human Resources Development & Consulting firms in Saudi Arabia...

Our Vision:
We Endeavor to empower our partners to succeed and to be one of the best Human Resources Consulting Company who sets the standards in the Arab World.
Our Values:
  • We pursue excellence in all what we do.
  • Building Customer trust is key to us.
  • We put ethics based on success
  • We Acknowledge our Social Responsibilities
  • Our People are the Heart of the organization

Our Clients



    As one of the Saudi's leading recruitment consultants, Tonofa provides a first-grade bespoke recruitment service to clients and candidates across the Saudi Arabia, GCC and ME. With a skilled and experienced team of recruitment consultants based in Saudi Arabia, we have devised a fresh and honest approach to the challenges faced by our clients. At the core of our business is a dedication to providing the highest standards of recruitment, prioritizing excellent customer service available in the Saudi Arabia and internationally. As an environmentally conscious recruitment consultancy, we are determined to limit our impact on the environment, utilizing electronic communication channels, online registration forms and web enabled systems. Our team works flexibly. Exclusive is also passionate about candidate and client privacy. We guarantee to keep your private details private unless we have otherwise received your expressed permission.

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    Training in the world of modern communities and institutions is an equipment and a method for the development, it is also if well invested would achieve efficiency and sufficiently in performance and production. Human resources training and development are important issues for any organization where the human element is the main engine of the organization resources , especially when it has the qualified skills and knowledge capabilities , commensurate with the nature of the organizations work and training is an effective process on the profitability of the human element , it’s also important to maintain a high work efficiency where it raise the level of skills and help to instill confidence in employees and improves the quality of work . Organizations that do not attach importance to the training issue or where there is no continuous improvement of training programs will find themselves in trouble as a result of the many changes that occur the surrounding, which requires the organization re-examination composition and cognitive skills and capabilities of their human resources to fit the new environmental requirements. The training methodology in Tonofa is based on blending the training skills development and personal competencies with what commensurate the needs of work , functional tasks assigned to the employee , and the concerned administration , several methods and standards are used to create diagnostic studies to measure the current workers performance of taf and work teams . As well as measuring the personal efficiencies and connect it to the required goals.

    Training Methodology:

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    The Birkman Method:

    The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment designed to help you achieve more at work and at home. It integrates behavioral, motivational and occupational data together to predict behavior and work satisfaction across situations. The Birkman Method is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

    Online Assessments:

    Every business needs new staff at some point. But recruiting them can be expensive or painful. Both if you’re unlucky. There’s good news for employers: The internet is ‘democratizing’ the recruitment process. Tools that were once a trade secret of expensive recruitment agencies are now available online. TONOFA is developing online assessment tools integrated within its website that can help the candidate assesses his / her capabilities, experiences, job fitness, etc.

    Psychometric Testing:

    Psychometric tests are standardized psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits. Psychometric tests have been extensively used in commercial, academic and educational settings for centuries and their popularity has continued to increase. Psychometric tests work by recording a candidates responses to a set of questions, designed to measure a specific psychological construct, such as cognitive ability or personality. These psychological constructs have been found to be related to real-world outcomes, such as job performance, trainability and competence. In an employee selection setting, psychometric tests provide the ultimate insight into a candidates potential, providing a meaningful and highly valid prediction of that candidates knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics of good job performance.

    LPI Leadership Inventory:

    The Leadership Practice Inventory is a part of a comprehensive “The Leadership Challenge” program. It is a 360-degree assessment instrument which participants take as part of The Leadership Challenge Workshop.

    This assessment helps leaders assess the extent to which they actually use the five practices of The Leadership Challenge model, so that they can make plans for improvement.


    1- Human Resources Strategies:

    TONOFA’s HR Strategies Consulting is a full service consulting, focused on providing Human Resource products and services. While providing best in class human resource practices and processes, we are committed to remaining conscious of limited budgets. In our ever changing economy, businesses are faced with the challenge of maximizing employee productivity with limited resources. Companies are looking for HR expertise to ensure compliance and best practices are adopted throughout the organization. Give us a call and find out how HR Strategies Consulting can help you optimize your current HR practices. We have provided solutions to many companies in both the private and public sectors

    2- Financial Consulting:

    TONOFA’s comprehensive service offering focuses on our clients’ key opportunities and challenges including core business operations, technology, human capital, regulatory compliance, strategic transformations, customer service, and business process outsourcing (BPO). We bring deep industry, consulting and technical expertise, and are known for partnering with our clients to realize their business objectives.

    3- Organizational Structuring:

    Organization design is not simply about lines and boxes and the people assigned to those boxes. Structure is only one, and usually not the most important element of organizational design. Clarifying the interactions that occur among people and functions in the white spaces between the boxes; how decisions get made; and how work gets done can have a far greater impact on company performance.